Jumping into the Twitterverse this morning after I woke up, one of the major trending stories in technology was Apple’s alleged acquisition of Metaio – a German company focused on making tools for the development of AR apps.

At first, it was speculated that perhaps Metaio was purchased by Google, especially given the timing of Metaio’s annoucement on its own website that its products and subscriptions would no longer be available for purchase coinciding with Google’s annual I/O conference.

However, some digging revealed that a tweet showing a May 22 document registered with the German states’ Common Register Portal confirmed that Metaio’s shares had been transferred to Apple.

It makes perfect sense for Apple to jump into the AR/VR scene. As anyone interested in virtual reality or augmented reality already knows, many of the biggest tech companies have already made significant investments in VR/AR. Samsung has a VR headset out called Gear VR, which pairs with their smartphones like the Note and the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Facebook recently acquired VR headset maker, Oculus, for $2 billion and plans to release a consumer version of the product next year. Microsoft, at their Build2015 conference, upped the hype on their upcoming AR HMD, Hololens. Last year, Google came out with a cheap, portable, albeit very simplistic VR device called Google Cardboard, which allows you to view VR images. The goal of Google Cardboard was to make VR gain mass appeal.

Apple’s acquisition of Metaio may be its first foray into the AR/VR field. As Google pushes in on Apple’s territory with the introduction of Android Pay to rival Apple Pay, Apple may be looking to do the same by moving in on AR or VR to counter Google.


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