This week at the Samsung Developers Conference, uSens will be joining Samsung at the GearVR Framework (GEarVRf) booth to show case the latest uSens demo – Illuminate. The GVRf booth will be located on the 3rd floor (VR zone).

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Illuminate, which allows players to light up the night sky by borrowing colors from fireflies, was created using GearVRf and is playable via a Samsung GearVR headset device. The demo is viewable on YouTube at The Samsung GearVRf project is a lightweight, powerful, open source rendering engine with a Java interface for developing mobile VR games and applications for Gear VR and Google Daydream View.

“The Samsung GearVR framework allows for easy access to Android APIs and includes the OpenGL features needed for rapid Android deployment,” said Shengying Liu, Software Engineer at uSens and creator of Illuminate. “For developers who are familiar with Open GL features, and are looking to develop fantastic mobile VR content, it’s seamless to adapt to GearVRf. We’re excited to participate with Samsung at SDC 2017 and share our experiences with using the framework in creating Illuminate.”