This week, William McCormick from uSens was invited to speak at the first annual ZGC Gifts conference. The event, which was hosted by ZGC Innovation Center, Zhongguancun Development Group, was attended by more than 500 people that intersect between Chinese and U.S. technology and innovation, including distinguished scientists, industry leaders, and top-tier venture capitalists. Speaking were Linked-In co-founder, Eric Ly, Atlantic Bridge Ventures Managing Partner, Brian Long, and Alexander Rosen from Ridge Ventures among a diverse set of entrepreneurs and investors.

The session focused on the market potential of the ARVR and the driving forces occurring right now that will lead to the ARVR marketing becoming a $149B industry by 2020. From the projections spoken, augmented reality is expected to reach $120B, outpacing virtual reality revenue of $30B by 2020. The major leap towards augmented reality will soon change core technologies in the way we interact with technology, similar to how the touchscreen changed how we interacted with phones and technology through an intuitive method. This global phenomenon will soon come underway indicating a need to create paths for ARVR innovation in China and the U.S.

Thank you to ZGC Capital for inviting us and we are already looking forward to ZGC GIFTS next year.