Last week in front of an excited crowd, Bao Yongzhe, Vice President of HTC, introduced the VIVE WAVE VR Open Platform at HTC’s annual Vive Developer Conference. The latest release is set to open the path to easy mobile VR content development and high-performance device optimization for their virtual reality product line.

Peter Chen, VP of Business Development at uSens commented, “The HTC Vive team have been a pioneer in smart mobile and virtual reality (VR) technology. Being able to partner in the VIVE WAVE platform for our tracking and positional solutions has been a step forward in bringing together the fragmented mobile VR market. We hope this will be a great starting point for the VR and gesture recognition technology to reach mass market.”

The conference also unveiled VIVE FOCUS, a premium standalone VR headset for the Chinese market based on the VIVE Wave VR open platform. It’s the first commercial standalone device to deliver inside-out 6-degree-of-freedom tracking (DOF).


New interactive technology means new opportunities. uSens gesture recognition combined with VIVE FOCUS all-in-one attempt, as a new standard, will open the door to the next generation of VR content and experiences.