And CES 2018 is a wrap!

CES 2018 marked uSens’ 3rd year we exhibited at the world’s largest consumer tech show – and we were back with a bang this year. With a 20×20 booth, our biggest yet, in the Las Vegas Convention Center and three major announcements, it was certainly the busiest year we have had.

Prior to the show, we announced our partnership with Pico VR and their Goblin all-in-one headset, with Fingo becoming the official hand tracking partner and accessory to the Goblin.

The big news, was our unveiling of uSensAR, our smartphone augmented reality engine. Along with our Spreadtrum partnership, we are democratizing AR by providing a flexible SDK that works across a range of cameras, sensors and platforms, turning up to two billion Android smartphones to be AR enabled. Spreadtrum, the SOC company, is upgrading their native camera app to now be AR enabled, powered by uSensAR. At ARcore’s expected March launch, only 80m Android phones (Samsung S8, Google Pixel 1+2) will be able to use ARcore, so attendees to our booth were extremely excited to see us bring AR to all Android phones when our SDK is release later this year.

We meet some incredible faces, old and new. One of our highlights included Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey checking out our hand tracking technology.

We also provided uSensAR demos and gave comparisons of how our demo works across low to high end Android smartphones, including the $80 Spreadtrum phone, to mid-tier LG and HTC phones, all the way up to Samsung S8.

We received great coverage from VR World, Variety, NASDAQ, UploadVR, among others for uSensAR and our Pico partnership. We had an amazing time and made connections with professionals in the industry and this marks another successful year at CES!

We hope to see everyone again next year and if you would like to learn more about uSensAR email us at