Market size for automotive gesture recognition is worth well over $800M and demand is estimated to surpass over 43% compound annual growth rate by 2024. Increasing electronic component integration in vehicles, to improve human machine interface, is facilitating enhanced consumer experience and driving the automotive gesture recognition market.

Recent developments in automobiles advanced display technologies have changed the dashboard layout from static to more flexible. Dashboards now feature dynamic more adaptable designs. Inputs through gestures lowers driver distraction when commanding the vehicle. This delivers the convenience, entertainment and information in a safe and seamless manner. It also reduces driver’s distraction leading to full control over steering wheel. As such more and more OEMs and suppliers are integrating gesture recognition technology in their vehicles to differentiate their brand and increase revenue through these systems.

Multimedia/navigation/infotainment are most likely to remain popular among manufacturers and customers, generating a demand for over 22 million units over the next eight years. High growth rates of these applications are credited to a shifting focus towards providing the customer with the ultimate driving experience.

This shifting trend of the automobile industry towards autonomous feature vehicles will increase the market potential for car makers. Automotive industry participants realizing the importance of driver assistance systems, for enabling safe driving in the future, will support the automotive gesture recognition market growth. As such, it looks like the wave of the future is here!