Interview with uSens Ling Gan CEO He Anli: Three-Dimensional World in Her Time



In 2018, the participation rate of female labor in China is about 70%, ahead of the major economies of the United States, Europe, and Japan. Today’s women are as wise as men, and technological advances give women more opportunities and a bigger arena. More women have become business managers and decision makers. It is worth mentioning that about half of China’s new Internet technology companies have female founders in recent years, and female entrepreneurs account for more than one quarter of the total.

The female CEO we are going to meet today is from the high-tech companies that have gathered at Polytechnic. She is the chief executive and co-founder of uSENS Lingyin – He Anli.

Silicon Valley 13 years

From Beijing girl to Silicon Valley senior female engineer to female head of technology company

Seven years ago, after having graduated from the Computer Department of Wuhan University with a 600-year-old ethnic street, Beijing University’s Niu Street, He Anli was admitted to the Syracuse University Computer Engineering Masters and Duke University MBA. Invested in Beijing’s job search force in the United States. As described in the movie drama, He Anli inevitably encounters many discriminatory restrictions such as “female status”, “from a socialist country”, and “no green card” in the process of finding a job. Anne can not help but feel filled with emotion. However, these “hearted” and no disadvantageous “Beijing girl” He Anyi is not a problem, and then He Anli gradually took root in the United States, and in Schlumberger (AT), AT & T, Intel (Intel) and other world’s top 500 Corporate service. From then on, she began to study, work and live in the United States.

In 2004, due to work reasons, she moved to the California from the eastern United States, came to Silicon Valley, where she worked, married, had children, settled in the house … … more than 13 years ago. “Personally feels that when I moved to California, I was more cheerful. When I was in the Northeast, it was snowing for 5 months. It was very easy to be depressed in winter. I moved to Silicon Valley. Every day I was sunny, I didn’t get cold in summer, and my happiness improved a lot.” When she came to California, she said that she liked the Mediterranean climate, the diverse culture, and the open mind. Nothing beats California.

She was attracted by the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Silicon Valley. Eight years after Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor company, became a senior chip designer. At that time, her husband, Fei Yue, was an accomplished expert in the field of human-computer interaction and computer vision, and received Fudan University’s physics. Bachelor of Science, Ph.D. in Space Physics at Rice University in the US, Jun Scholar, 3D User Interface Algorithm Expert and other honorary titles. Dr. Fei Yue is chief scientist and senior expert in the fields of human-computer interaction and computer vision. He has participated in the development of several important scientific and technological products in the scientific research laboratories of the world’s top 500 companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic and Amazon, and has obtained a number of US inventions. The patent, whose scientific research achievements were exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Electronic Technology Expo (CEATEC), Computer Graphics and Interactive International Exhibition SIGGRAPH and APEX, has aroused enthusiastic response.

Both husband and wife resigned from the world’s top 500 companies and joined the army of entrepreneurs. They started from scratch and made a big turn in life. This seemingly sudden act was strongly opposed and puzzled by both parents. From the parents’ traditional point of view, Kochi’s high salary, the happiness of the California family in everyone’s admiration, and the beautiful environment have always been the pride of the parents’ hearts. In the hearts of the parents, the woman is to be steady, and the husband’s son, He Anli, is tossed. Now that both husband and wife have no life protection, they have become “no business people.”

“I have studied computers for many years. I have been studying computers for a number of years. I have specialized in hardware and engineering. I have been paranoid about specializing in engineering. My ideal is to enter Intel. After working at intel for 8 years, I felt that the development was limited and the ideal was realized before. There are new goals. Under the influence of the Silicon Valley environment, I wonder what I should do. It’s a pity that so many good conditions don’t start a business. What’s more important is that Fei Yue also has the same ideas as I did and we reached an agreement.” An Li told reporters: “We like to resign after working for a large company for many years, starting from nothing, and the price is very high, especially if there is no financing in the previous period. Wages are problems. Entrepreneurship is the best way to explore personal potential. Opportunity, but not necessarily for everyone, I like the freedom of life, so I chose to start a business.” At the end of 2013, He Anli and her husband, Dr. Fei Yue, after careful consideration, chose to start their own business in the field of image vision that they are best at. At the beginning of 2014, He Anli returned from the senior female engineer of Silicon Valley to create Ling Sen.


Female CEO

At the forefront of artificial intelligence field, leading uSens to impact the world’s 3D gesture technology

In 2013, just before the storm of VR, in March 2014, Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus. Suddenly VR began to heat up. Focusing on 3D human-computer interaction, uSens began to study a question: What is the core technology for VR? “It is very important to see hands in VR.” The first reaction of uSens CEO He Anli when he was talking about experiencing a new product was: “I didn’t see my hand. It’s not true.” VR Interaction is mainly embodied in tracking technology, and gesture recognition and position tracking are the two most important technologies. He Anli said: “When the display technology is relatively mature, the next step in VR tracking technology will become an important breakthrough. Direction.” In terms of location tracking, uSens firmly believes that the true location tracking of VR into the mass market should be inside-out. “VR’s location tracking may not need other external devices, but based on the Inside-out approach, tracking through the featureless SLAM algorithm.” He Anli and uSens are fortunate, after deciding the industry and the direction of development, uSens is the first company in the world to implement 26-DOF gesture tracking and 6-DOF head position tracking technology based on the inside-out technology in wired and mobile terminals, creating the most immersive natural human-computer interaction experience for users. Known by the famous American science critic Jon Peddie and Oculus, Magic Leap is one of the three technologies that may bring humans better VR interactive experience.

Combining AR and VR is also a predictable trend. Currently, uSens 3D gesture tracking technology, 6-DOF head tracking technology, and “superreality” technology that combines AR and VR and seamlessly switches become the core core technology of uSens. For the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality, He Anli believes that an absolute virtual reality experience will actually make people feel isolated from the world. Even if some users feel afraid for a long time, the pure augmented reality experience lacks immersion and is not attractive. Combine AR with VR and switch freely according to the user’s wishes to bring the best experience.

After the VR market is hot, it is slowly moving toward rationality. He Anli believes that human-computer interaction is an important breakthrough in VR. VR is not really popular because human-computer interaction does not have a very good solution. In the next 3-5 years, the industry may not have a big outbreak. While VR gradually wanes, AR technology has ushered in the spring of development. With the release of ARKit by Apple, mobile AR content has entered a large number of growth stages. He Anli believes that the development of AR glasses will follow. After all, AR glasses are the correct way to open AR.

“uSens will focus on supporting AR’s customers.” He Anli said that the company has made adjustments based on changes in the market. Compared to VR, gesture tracking is just needed for AR. In AR, the user sees the real world, using the handle to interact without realism, real hands is the best choice. On the other hand, VR can be wired or wireless, but AR must be wireless. Users can walk around with AR glasses and go where AR content is displayed. And such wireless needs require more location tracking support. In essence, gesture interaction and SLAM belong to the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence. Its application scope is not limited to VR\AR. It is urgent to explore new application scenarios. He Anli revealed that this year, Lingsen Technology is thinking about gesture recognition. New application direction – on-board system. The automotive industry is a larger and more mature stock market. “When I and Li Bin (founder of Weilai car) talked in a chat, ten years ago, the phone was just a talking tool and now it became a mobile smart device; similarly, now, The car is just a means of transportation. In the future, it is another intelligent platform.” He Anli said that the huge user base and value-added products in the automotive industry mean that there is room for development in gesture recognition. On the other hand, the upgrade of the car industry determines gesture recognition. Does the technology have this opportunity?



Engineer’s spirit

I am very proud to be a qualified female engineer

Finally, He Anli talked about “the spirit of engineers.” She, from the world-famous German Engineering in his capacity as a senior engineer in Silicon Valley – Speaking of German engineering, combined with his personal experience as a father engineer, should have made outstanding engineers need to have at least three important qualities: 1 learning , study and innovation. 2, the ability to solve problems, find the best point in the choice. 3, with the results of the hard work spirit. She hopes that this rigorous study, weigh the pros and cons, and the spirit of pragmatic engineers can penetrate into every aspect of the uSens team.

Whether in China or the United States, people often feel that women can’t be good engineers. He Anli adheres to the self-belief of an engineer with her own actions. She says she is proud to be a qualified engineer.

More than 5 years of entrepreneurial experience, bittersweet taste. He Anli leads her Ling Sen Technology to the forefront of 3D human-computer interaction technology in artificial intelligence computer vision. She has the courage to break through her self for a dream. She believes that future human-computer interaction will be three-dimensional. She believes that virtual reality can help people achieve dreams that are not achieved in reality. She will feel happy for the achievements. Here, I sincerely hope that He Anli and her uSens Technology are getting better and better!