uSens Brings Fingo Hand-Tracking To Pico Goblin

Pico’s Goblin headset is getting an input upgrade with the help of uSens.

The pair confirmed to UploadVR today that the Goblin, a three degrees of freedom (3DOF) all-in-one device that’s usually operated with a 3DOF controller, is getting support for uSens’ Fingo hand-tracking solution.

The Fingo hardware provides 26DOF tracking that brings your hands into virtual worlds, following hand position and finger movements to allow to realistically interact with the environment around you. Pico and uSens worked together to create a custom mount that attaches the Fingo to the front of the device and have previously partnered making custom business solutions.

Initially, this support will be squarely aimed at enterprise and educational use with custom built content. You won’t be able to pair the two together and then start playing any of the Pico’s 50+ games with hand-tracking, for example. That said, there are plans for consumer-oriented experiences down the line; Pico has been supporting content development initiatives in China such as game jams and is partnering with existing developers to integrate Fingo support into pre-released games.

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