uSens Partners with Pico for 26DoF Hand-Tracking Mobile VR

uSens, Inc. has today announced a partnership with Pico Interactive, Inc. to provide 26 degrees of freedom (26DoF) hand-tracking for the Pico Goblin all-in-one (AIO) virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). With the addition of uSens’ Fingo hardware, users can experience a new level of mobile VR immersion by interacting with virtual objects with their bare hands.

“uSens and Pico already have a long-standing relationship, originating from developing custom business solutions together, and a promotional event for the Chinese movie Youth by acclaimed director Feng Xiaogang,” said uSens CTO and co-founder Dr. Yue Fei.” “We are excited to formally work together into 2018 to bring our HCI solutions to their user base, as we see all-in-one and mobile headsets as the driving force behind growth in the VR market.”

uSens stereo camera hardware Fingo enables 26DoF hand-tracking powered by computer vision and AI technology, making it particularly adept at tracking complicated hand gestures and occlusion scenarios. uSens will now offer a custom Fingo holder created specifically for Pico Goblin users.

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