uSens shows off new tracking sensors that aim to deliver richer experiences for mobile VR

Startups in the VR space are increasingly growing confident that consumers will want to interact with objects in the virtual world the same way they do irl — with their hands.

uSens is showing off the first line of its Fingo hand-tracking developer kits. The sensors have an eye toward mobile VR and integrate inside-out positional tracking tech, allowing an attached headset to track the user’s location within a space.

The entry-level Fingo module boasts hand tracking and what the company calls “marker-based positional tracking,” a system that basically just tracks your location in reference to an external visual marker that you have to set up in view of the headset.

The Color Fingo adds inside-out six degrees-of-freedom positional tracking while the color cameras allow for augmented reality overlays via passthrough cameras.
The Power Fingo interestingly has its own Snapdragon processor, which allows the device to handle the computing required for positional tracking and hand tracking without putting a strain on the CPU of mobile-VR headsets.

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