uSensAR SDK Brings Skeletal Hand Tracking To Smartphones


HCI and tracking solutions developer uSens took advantage of this year’s Augmented World Expo 2018 (AWE) to take the wraps off of the new uSensAR Hand Tracking SDK for mobile platforms. The SDK, meant to help developers create better AR and VR experiences for Android and iOS, utilizes a smartphone’s camera and machine learning to generate a 3D hand skeleton. That, in turn, is coded into a game or app so that users can interact with the digital world using nothing more than their own hands. To be clear, other SDKs and tools are available that allow for fingertip tracking. Those allow for a similar result but tracking a full hand allows an end user to rely on their entire hand to interact with a VR or AR object or scent. What’s more, more immersive experiences can arguably be created because graphics and elements can be aligned more accurately.

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